the Video Advertising Guide 2024

The first edition of VideoWeek's Video Advertising Guide looks at the current zeitgeist in video advertising, exploring the state of the market, and how the buy and sell-sides are approaching challenges and opportunities.

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Featured in this year's guide

A Landscape map for video advertising in Europe

The guide includes a new industry landscape map laying out the major players in video advertising in Europe, including publishers, social platforms, ad tech businesses, CTV services, and buy-side players.

A guide to total video strategies

For buyers running campaigns across disparate video channels, this year's guide features articles on how to run total video campaigns, how CTV can connect TV into omnichannel video campaigns, and how European markets are approaching total video measurement.

Brand safety, Fraud, and Curation

The guide looks at the state of play with brand safety and fraud, two issues which have plagued video advertising for a long time. It also looks at the growth of curated marketplaces, and their role in helping advertisers buy against quality content with third-party signals.

Interviews with industry leaders

Contributors to this year's guide include Imogen Fox, Chief Advertising Officer at The Guardian, Danielle DeLauro, Executive Vice President at the Video Advertising Bureau, Seun Odeneye, Managing Director of UK & Ireland for Kinesso, and Nic Travis, Head of Paid Marketing for Lloyds Banking Group.

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