Introducing the Sustainability in Advertising guide 2023

We are proud to introduce our first edition of the Sustainability in Advertising Guide. This guide serves as an introduction to what sustainability in advertising looks like, laying out the areas which the industry needs to address and steps which companies can take to make their businesses more sustainable.

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Featured in this year's guide

A breakdown of carbon emissions in advertising

The guide looks at where in the advertising supply chain most greenhouse gas emissions are generated, and lays out simple steps companies can take to quickly cut their carbon footprint.

A Guide to ESG in Advertising

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) sets a framework for sustainability which goes beyond carbon cutting. The guide includes features laying out a broader view of sustainability, and how companies in media and advertising can start making progress on these other aspects of sustainability.

The Anatomy of a sustainable Ad

The guide features an interview with global environmental charity WWF, looking at how they went about creating a sustainable ad for their recent brand campaign.

An industry map for sustainable advertising

The first edition of our landscape map for sustainable advertising lays out the initiatives, certifications, and platforms related to sustainability.

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