the Retail & Commerce Media Guide 2024

The first edition of VideoWeek's Retail & Commerce Media Guide explains the basics of how retail media works, where the major opportunities are for retailers and advertisers, and how the European market compares to the US.

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Retail and Commerce Media Guide 2024

Featured in this year's guide

A Landscape map for European Retail Media

The guide includes a new industry landscape map laying out the major players in retail media in Europe, including retail media networks, agencies, and the tech companies which link the two together.

An introduction to retail media

For those new to retail media, this guide lays out the basics, covering definitions, what's included in retail media, and how it's bought and sold. The guide also clarifies how the European market is different to the US.

Strategies for buyers and sellers

This guide lays out the key considerations both for retailers who are setting up retail media networks, and advertisers investing in the space. This includes the technologies they should be investing in, and pain points which need fixing.

How broadcasters are using retail Data

Retail data is increasingly being used to refine targeting and enable measurement in connected TV ad buys. This guide explores how these campaigns work, and how the opportunity is unfolding in Europe.

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