Introducing the FUTURE OF FAST guide 2023

We are proud to introduce our first edition of the Future of FAST Guide. This guide lays out the basics of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), mapping out its growth and the key challenges and opportunities associated with FAST.

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Featured in this year's guide

An introduction to FAST

The guide lays out the basics of FAST for those who are new to the space. It outlines what exactly FAST is, and the key considerations for media owners and advertisers interested in FAST.


An interview with Maria Rua Aguete, senior research director of media and entertainment at Omdia, lays out the reality behind where FAST is growing fastest and why.

The FAST opportunity for Publishers

FAST is opening up new distribution opportunities not just for broadcasters, but also for publishers which haven't traditionally run linear channels. The guide explores the opportunities and challenges for publishers investing in FAST.

A EUROPEAN industry map for FAST

The first edition of our landscape map for FAST lays out the key platforms and tech vendors operating in the FAST space.

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