Introducing the CTV Advertising Guide North America 2023

We are proud to introduce the first edition of the CTV Advertising Guide specifically for North America. This guide lays out the current state of play in the CTV advertising market covering measurement, viewer behaviour, and planning, as well as newer developments such as deployment of retail data in CTV campaigns.

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Featured in this year's guide

A Guide to the Major players in CTV

The guide lays out the offerings of the major sell-side players in CTV in America, covering what they offer, how it's sold, and the content they're investing in.

The state of CTV Viewership

An interview with Richard Broughton, Director of Ampere Analysis, explores the reality behind the growth and evolution of CTV viewing in America.

Retail Media's Collision with CTV

Retailers are increasingly investing in their high-margin retail media businesses, and many are exploring ways to fold their data into CTV buys. This guide explains how retail media's collision with CTV is unfolding.

A CTV Advertising Landscape Map for the USA

The first edition of our landscape map for CTV advertising in the USA lays out the key platforms and tech vendors operating in the space.

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