the CTV Advertising Guide NA 2024

The second edition of VideoWeek's CTV Advertising Guide North America lays out the current state of the CTV ad market, looking at how streaming companies are refining their sales strategies and the evolving tactics of the buy-side.

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Featured in this year's guide

A Landscape map for CTV advertising in the US

The guide includes an updated industry landscape map highlighting the major players in CTV advertising in the US, including CTV apps, programmatic platforms, measurement companies, and buy-side players.

Buy-Side and Sell-Side strategies

While the CTV market in North America is maturing, there's still plenty of experimentation on both the buy-side and sell-side. Through explainers and interviews with industry leaders, the guide looks at how tactics on both sides are evolving.

The evolving role of data in ctv

The guide looks at the evolving role of data in CTV advertising, and how it's used for targeting and measurement. This includes the growth of outcome measurement, and the evolution of contextual targeting.

A guide to the sell-Side in US CTV

This year's edition includes a guide to the sell-side in the US, laying out the key components of the major players' CTV offerings. This includes information on their reach, the ad formats they sell, their content investments, and how their inventory is sold.

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